Thursday, January 24, 2013

Satriwithaya School

After having been moved to many locations for many years, now Satriwithaya School stands at 82 Dinsoe road Bawornniwet subdistrict, Phanakhorn district Bangkok, still near to many fascinating places around Rattanakosin Island

The brief history of the School
Striwithaya School was founded in the reign of king RAMA V in 1900 and its original location was the palace of royal prince Alang karn then. The School first was the private school with its only 60 students, most girls and only about 3-4 boys, it could be considered as a coeducation school though. The teacher and owner of the school was Madam Lucie Dunlap who was later promoted as the first headmaster by education department. Madam Lucie Dunlap was the daughter of American shipmaster and Thai lady, her father and mother. After having finished her study in America she came back to Thailand to be a teacher in Kullastri Wanglang School first and founded Striwitthaya School by herself. Later the school was moved to the two buildings located on Chareoun krung road and behind The Buraphaphirom palace and most of people called the school then “The school of Madam Sri”. In 1901 when the school was continuously progressing, Madam Lucie Dunlap decided to give the school to the education department and she got promoted as a principal by the education department. In 1906, Miss Lucie resigned because of her ill-health and later in 1907, after having been joined with Sueksanaree School, the School was moved to Tuek Din, the area where Rachdamnern Klang road intersects with Dinsoe road, and was named officially “Striwitthaya School” from then on. In the present, Striwitthaya School is the school for girls with about 3,611 students

Academic Success
From 2002 Striwitthaya School also is the developing center of English teaching and learning by launching the intensive course to the first junior high school and could please their parents. Moreover, its students won 84 rewards in the academic contests (Math, Science and English fields) from both domestic and foreign events.

How to get to Striwithaya School
Because of being opposite to the democracy monument, the school can be reached easily. That means if you start from the royal field it will be at your left side and if you start from Phanfa pier or the golden Mount it will be at your right side.

The interesting places near the school
The democracy monument is the nearest interesting place to the school; however, there are also many more fascinating tourist attractions being not far from the school such as Khao San Road Area, no more than 1 kilometer northwest of the school, whereas the Golden Mount, the Royal Field and the Temple of Emerald Buddha are located about 1 kilometer southeast and southwest away respectively.

The School phone number: +6622816505, +6622821626
Fax: +6622821915

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