Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bangkapi School

Bangka pi School is located in Bangka pi district, near Bangka pi food market and opposite to NIDA. If you love natural and local living, this is the great place you should not miss. There are many accommodations around this area such as condos and apartments and traveling here is convenient. You can take regularly buses, air-conditioned buses, mini-buses and vans in traveling to or from the town.

There are more than 1,000 thousands students and many English Teachers who are both Thais and foreigners in this school. Teaching English here is fascinating and enjoyable for them. After the class on Thursday, they can enjoy shopping at every Thursday market behind the school, just few minutes from the rear exit of the school.

About 4 kilometers east of the school, on Serithai road, Serithai Park is the fascinating and beautiful place for you to relax after hard working in the class. However, if you love shopping, it is very fun for you to visit The Mall Bangapi, just about 1kilometer west of the school.

The school phone number: +662 377 5870
Fax number: 377 0312
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  1. Is this school looking for a Foreign teacher (Filipino ) ?

  2. Hello! Emer Lonogan
    nice to talk to you. You can call the school directly through the phone number of +662 377 5870.

    Many thanks for comment.

  3. Hi, thanks for the reply and for the important details you have given, I will try to call your school as soon as possible....Million Thanks Sir...

  4. You are welcome. Hope you get a good job soon.