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Wat Ratchabopit School


Wat Ratchabopit School is a government school and high school for boys. The school is located on Sanamchai road Phrabarommaharatchawang subdistrict, Phranakhorn district in Bangkok of Thailand.

The Brief history of Wat Ratchabopit School

The school was founded in 1885, in the reign of king Rama V. The name Ratchabopit means being founded by the king, but Wat Ratchabopit School was founded by the son of king, Pra Arun Niphakunakorn who took a position of the abbot of Ratchabopitstitmahasrimarama temple then. Wat Ratchabopit School had initially only 53 students, 2 teachers and 1 class. Three years later, there were more students and it was crowded so the school was enlarged. At that time, the school was only a primary one from 1-4th class and about 100 students studied here. In 1935, the primary school was replaced by the junior high school so it caused the original primary school (1-4th class) to be moved to the primary school of Wat Suthat instead. The high school of Wat rachabopit was continuously developing and finally its senior classes (4-6th) were open with totally more 401 students in the school.

The new school
As the original school was too small for more and more students each year, the new Wat Ratchabopit School was founded on the new land near the old school and temple. The prime minister at that time, GEN. Prem Tinnasulanon ordered the subcommittee to be appointed to construct the new buildings of Wat Ratchabopit School in 1988, and the new school of Wat Ratchabopit has been located there from then on.

The interesting places near the school

The Museum Siam is very near to Wat Ratchabopit School, just the road in between and there are also many other interesting or fascinating tourist attractions being close to the school such as Tha Tian Pier, Wat Po, The temple of dawn, The Temple of Emerald Buddha and so on.

How to get to Wat Ratchabopit School
The school is very easy and convenient to be reached. If you know Wat Po, you just walk along the footpath from Wat Po to the south and you will finally arrive at the school in no more than 7 minutes. The school is opposite the Museum Siam. There are also the regular and the air-conditioned buses passing Wat Ratchabopit school such as the regular buses number 53, 82 and the air-conditioned one number 82 etc.

The school's phone number: +662 226 3070-2
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