Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Teaching English in Wat Bavornnives school


Just about no more than 1 kilometer away from Khokwua intersection and near to Khao San road area, Wat Bavornnives School’s address is 250 Phrasumeru road Bavornnivet subdistrict, Phra Nakhorn district, Bangkok

This is another school where only boy students study in. Wat Bavornnives School was founded by king RAMA V 119 years ago. Located on Phrasumeru road near the historic avenue (Ratchadam nuen Avenue), the school is surrounded by many important buildings, places and tourist attractions. About 1,000 students study here and many teachers teach them including English teachers, Chinese teachers, Japanese teachers and so on. For those teachers, they may have walked in applying in person or may have applied through agencies. If you are seeking for English teaching job and would like to teach English abroad, this is another good place for you to try to apply for. The school is a high school from M1-M6 and can be reached easily. If you get out off the boat at Phanfa pier, just take the buses passing the Rachdamneon road then get off and turn right at Kokwua intersection along the footpath. You will finally reach the school without taking much time. You can also visit Teach English Abroad to find other available schools for applying for the position of English teacher.

Tourist attractions near Wat Bavornnives school
Many fascinating places are situated around the school area such as the democracy monument and the royal field. If you like shopping and drinking, you can get them along the Khao San road where many shops and cafés are located.

You can call Wat Bavornnives school directly with the phone number below.

The school's phone number: +662 282 0025

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